The history of Cushy Foot Mounting dates back to the mid-20th century, when the first generation of mountings was introduced in the market by Kishan Industries for Cushy foot Mounting in India. These mountings were designed to provide a cushioning effect and reduce the vibration and shock that heavy machinery caused. Over time, the design of Cushy Foot Mounting evolved, and new materials were introduced to make them more effective. The second generation of mountings used rubber and metal plates to provide a higher level of vibration isolation and shock absorption. These mountings were used in various industries and applications, including automotive parts and industrial equipment. With advancements in technology, the third generation of Cushy Foot Mounting was introduced in the market. These mountings used specialized materials, such as neoprene and natural rubber, to provide a higher level of vibration isolation and noise reduction. These mountings are still widely used today in different applications and industries Cushy foot Mounting in India .


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