Best Nidhi Banking Software for your Nidhi Company

Websoftex provides you the most secured and robust Nidhi Banking Software. Our Nidhi Software is capable of maintaining multiple branches at your finger tips it’s a online application so every transaction will be saved in the server in real time. You just need a latest browser and good internet connection to use this software. Nidhi Banking Software comes with simple graphic interface. Functionalities and features are logically distributed in simple straight way not complicated. Creating all types of accounts like FD, RD, MLM, Daily brokerage account, Saving Accounts and Loan Accounts is so easy to save your time. Exporting reports from Nidhi Banking Software to various useful formats like MS word Excel is way so easy. And reports are accurate, easy to understand and easy to print with well said formats. Contact US for free of charge demo. Mob: 9916807666 / 9765988588 / 9886461360 or visit

May 14, 2018