10X Business Growth Express Workshop

C-19, Commercial Centre , SDA Market, Opp IIT Delhi,Delhi,Delhi,India
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10X Business Growth Express Workshop

Start date: 2018-02-24 16:00:00

C-19, Commercial Centre , SDA Market, Opp IIT Delhi,Delhi,Delhi

End date:

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The 10X Business Growth Express Workshop is for those who believe in themselves, the forward thinkers, the trendsetters, the misfits, the 10X’ers and even seasoned business owners who know they’re destined to do something massive and want the edge to making it big in their business/es and lives alike!Expert:Mr. Saurabh Kaushik He is one of India's Top Trusted Life & Business Growth Strategist & Success Coach for leading Industrialists, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Top Fortune 500 Leaders including top Billionaire/ Millionaires in the country.Saurabh helps budding Entrepreneurs from Harvard, MIT & Cornell achieve breakthrough personal, professional and business success by helping them define, build and grow themselves and their businesses through his exceptional command over understanding people, business, technology and the marketplaceAsk yourself:Do you feel like your business is not growing as fast as it should be?Are you sick and tired of running behind customers or the money without getting the growth that you’d planned for in either?Are you willing to explore how you could take your business and life to a whole new level?With technology, digital, IoT, AI and innovation growing the marketplace faster than ever, competition is getting tougher by the day. So, if you want to equip yourself with what it takes to harness these most opportune times to build massive success in your business and life, YOU NEED to tune in with the changing business landscape sooner than later and understand the tools, techniques and strategies that could help you 10X your business and personal growth today.Come join us

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