Assam Tea Health Benefits

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Assam Tea Health Benefits

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3rd floor nehru place,Delhi,Delhi

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The majority of us, cannot even start functioning without a cup of our favorite morning tea and it is an established fact that we Indians love our cuppa. It is the thing which gets us going in the morning. It is something we look forward to, before starting our day and in the evening after finishing a long day of toil. It is certainly an elixir, providing our bodies with much-needed energy. The chai culture is so popular that you can find tea stalls dotted around the whole urban landscape, plus, we have tea consumers of all ages! Well, an interesting fact to not down, is most of the “ chai” we consume on a daily basis comes from the beautiful north-eastern Indian state of Assam. Regular tea drinkers, just need that hit of caffeine to help them start their day with new founded energy and that is what the caffeine-rich Assam tea can provide to the human body. India is the largest tea drinking nation and Assam is the largest tea producing region in the whole world! To enjoy your chai, be sure to buy Assam Tea online to get your hands on pure Assam tea, with all its health benefits intact. Teafloor has to offer a variety of teas, including pure Assam tea, which can really help in rejuvenating your mind and body every morning and evening. Assam tea’s flavor profile Unlike the usual teas, Assam tea is really strong. It has an amber-burgundy color, strong aroma and not to mention a malty, vegetal flavor. Assam tea is consumed in large quantities and has a bigger market because it can be made into chai, as it blends well with milk and sugar. It is cheaper than the Darjeeling variant and can be brewed in multiple ways; you can have it as is, or mixed with milk and sugar. The Teafloor provides with really fine quality leaves, that too at unbelievable prices so in case you happen to be a big fan of this brew, then be sure to buy the latest Assam tea online. The brew is well known for its color, vibrancy, flavor as well as aroma, and is widely consumed across the country. Assam tea is mainly black tea; having said that you can also find the oolong, green and white varieties of teas being grown in Assam. Health benefits of Assa tea • Assam tea is rich in caffeine, but not so much so that it gives you the jitters, and therefore it proves to be an excellent alternative to coffee. The timely, yet slow release of caffeine in the body can keep you mentally alert for long hours, unlike coffee, where the energy burns out in a couple of hours. • Assam tea is rich in antioxidants, which helps in fighting free radicals, thus avoiding a lot of health problems. • It is great for the heart and really helps in lowering the blood pressure levels and keep the heart health maintained. • It is also great for your oral cavity and keeps many dental problems at bay. • It keeps Alzheimer's and Parkinson diseases in check. Be sure to only by pure Assam tea online to make sure that you make the most of the aforementioned health benefits. When you buy tea from Teafloor, do not forget to checkout the latest Assam tea offers on the website.

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