AWS complete training

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AWS complete training

Start date: 2018-03-23 10:00:00

91springboard JP Nagar

End date:

Created on: 2018-01-10 11:59:09 by:evdb

AWS TRAINING SYLLABUSIntroduction to cloud computingIntroduction to VirtualizationPrivate,Public and Hybrid cloudIaas,Paas,SaasWhy Cloud Computing?Benefits of Cloud ComputingIntroduction to AWSIntroduction to the AWS ProductRegions and Availability ZonesNavigate the AWS Management ConsoleRecognize AWS Global InfrastructureDescribe the security measures AWS providesElastic Compute Cloud EssentialsAmazon Machine Images (AMI)Setting up securityKey pairs & Access keysCompute Services & NetworkingIdentify the different AWS compute and networking optionsDescribe an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)Subnet, Nat Servers and Jump ServersOn-demand, Spot, Reserved instancesCreate an Amazon EC2 instanceConnect to the Amazon EC2 instance using key pairsAWS Storage & Content DeliveryIdentify key AWS storage optionsDescribe Amazon EBSCreating an Elastic Block Store VolumeAdding an EBS Volume to an InstanceSnapshotting an EBS Volume and Increasing PerformanceCreate an Amazon S3 bucket and manage associated objectsDatabase Solutions on AWSDescribe Amazon DynamoDBVerify key aspects of Amazon RDSExecute an Amazon RDS drive applicationDeployment and ManagementIdentify AWS CloudFormationDescribe Amazon CloudWatch metrics and alarmsDescribe Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM)AWS DNS serviceIntroduction to Route53Route53 Configuration and TroubleshootingAmazon Route 53 Health CheckAmazon Route 53 FailoverConfigure a DNS Failover to an Amazon S3 static websiteAWS Load Balancing ServiceIntroduction Elastic Load BalancerCreating and Verifying Elastic Load BalancerAWS LAMDAIntroduction to AWS LambdaDistributed EnvironmentsHandling S3 Events using the AWS Lambda ConsoleMonitor Lambda S3 functions through Amazon CloudWatchInfrastructure as CodeAssignmentsContent Delivery Web ServiceIntroduction to Amazon CloudFrontCreating an Amazon CloudFront Web DistributionAWS Simple Monthly CalculatorIntroduction to Amazon Simple Montly CalculatorSpot,Reserved,Utilization Based EstimateReviewing Large Scale Design PatternsDesigning for CostAssignmentsOther AWS ServicesCloud Config, Cloud Trail, Code Deploy,DockerIntroduction to devops toolsAnsible,Jenkins,GithubAuto ScalingDemonstration of a complete ProjectProject/AssignmentsDoubts and Question/Answers session.

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