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Blockchain Forum India

Start date: 2018-02-27 08:30:00

5th Road,Mumbai,Mahārāshtra

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Created on: 2018-01-09 11:33:58 by:evdb

Blockchain Technology is clearly one of the most significant emerging technologies of the 21st century.India is one of the fastest growing & likely to become a global crypto leader and hopes to create a distributed platform which will connect its citizens to public transportation, reduce energy consumption, create online libraries and resources for students, and allow businesses to openly share their resources. The country has 330+ million online users and occupying the second place in the world. The Forum will help attendees understand this innovative concept, and to bring projects in this space to mainstream. Moreover, there will also be a strong focus on educating organizations on the value the blockchain can bring to the table. With this in mind, we are extremely pleased to announce that we are hosting the Blockchain forum to be held in Mumbai India on 27-28 Feb 2018, bringing together the greatest world-class Blockchain Technology pioneers, providers of solutions which will resonate with everyone that attends in order to allow everyone to explore first-hand the many potential uses of Blockchain technology. The ICO'S will have an oppurtunity to deliver a product presentation in front of investors and Cryptocurrent experts. Live product of any Ico will be displayed at the event.The event will attract a lot of bankers from india some of them would also speak on different topics on Blockchain Technology.Please Do not miss this historic opportunity to listen and learn from the most knowledgeable individuals and most advanced Tech Start-Ups of our time along with their network of Global Blockchain Experts with some of the smartest blockchain industry experts who will be sharing their experience and what they personally endured over the last 9 years based on dedication and a core belief that this technology was to become the greatest advancement of our time and the many ways that it is going to empower all people that are free and just and usher in a new era of societal advances that for these individuals became clear to from day one and share most importantly the many ways currently that they have discovered based on the scientific model and basic economics where best to be implementing blockchains especially within the governmental institutions, banking media,healthcare, logistics, agriculture, energy, food and water and our many basic needs and most of all how each individual can utilize it in order to achieve financial security and less dependence on the very resources which are limited and streamline anything and everything in which it can be applied, and the rest you will just have to come and see first-hand yourself in Mumbai India on 27-28 Feb 2018. Interested in speaking or attending the event email at

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