BRAHMA NAAD -Rare Confluence of Yoga & Cosmic Sound

JBS Haldane Ave,Kolkata,West Bengal,India
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BRAHMA NAAD - The Rare Confluence of Kriya Yoga with Cosmic Sounds.

Start date: 2018-02-04 11:30:00

JBS Haldane Ave,Kolkata,West Bengal

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Vande Guruparampara   The World is preparing for a big change towards Wellness ! Would you like to join in a rare International Conference based event that includes Live Performing Lab of    Cosmic Sounds and various forms of Yoga to help you ride a journey that help you transform into a life full  of bliss and happiness? Would you learn from the Experts on how Yoga, Indian Music and Lifestyle change can help you win over major life threatening diseases that challenge your very existence ? Yoga is usually defined as union: union between the limited self and the super consciousness.The aim of       Yoga is not really to unite us with anything for we are already united. It is to help us realize our identity with     the Divine Self, to make us know and tune into our intrinsic nature. Even though archaeology only gives us a hint, it won’t be wrong to say that yoga is at least 40,000 years old. Since, references from Tibetan scrolls massively suggest so.Some 200 million people are known(unknowingly though) to practice perhaps the earliest of Atheist school of Hinduism also known as “Yoga”. Yes, yogis don’t believe in GOD and they don’t consider Lord Shiva; the great grandmaster of yoga as GOD. But more as the masculine incarnation of the the supreme consciousness that is “Brhm/ब्रह्म”, that once walked among us in   flesh and blood. The ancient practice of yoga, which has long been associated as the purview of ascetics living in monastic seclusion, is now taught widely worldwide. Having said that, lets jump directly into the topic. Yoga, once mocked by brown-sahibs. A class of Indians, only in outlook, ready to gleefully bow down to the verdict passed down by their former white colonial masters as superstition & devil worship, which modern day science suggests can indeed alter DNA, the molecules that carry our genetic information and instructions, in positive ways. DNA contains the fundamental life code for all living organisms.  Recent studies show that yoga not only imparts the benefits described above, but also alters the function of genes in ways that range from intriguing to profound. The research, published today in the journal Frontiers in Immunology, reviews over a decade of studies analysing how the behaviour of our genes is affected by different MBIs including mindfulness and yoga. Lead Investigator, Ivana Buric, from Coventry University's Centre for Psychology, Behaviour and Achievement said: “Millions of people around the world already enjoy the health benefits of mind-body interventions like yoga or meditation, but what they perhaps don’t realise is that these benefits begin at a molecular level and can change the way our genetic code goes about its business,” “These activities are leaving what we call a molecular signature in our cells, which reverses the effect that stress or anxiety would have on the body by changing how our genes are expressed. Put simply, [mind-body interventions] cause the brain to steer our DNA processes along a path which improves our wellbeing.” However, this isn’t the first study to suggest that these practices alter our immune systems. Richard Davidson, of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder of mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) at UMass, showed that people’s immune systems responded better to the flu vaccine after people did an eight-week course of MBSR. More recent work has generally confirmed the connection. But what was interesting about the current study was that the inflammatory benefits seem to stretch across different methods, from MBSR to yoga to pranayama to Qigong. Futhermore, a study published in the journal Cancer shows that yoga practice can help to extend telomere length, and thus possibly increase the lifespan of cancer survivors. Telomeres are filamentous protective extensions at the ends of chromosomes and their length is directly related to cell life. As cells divide, telomeres become progressively shorter. At a certain point, they become too short for cells to divide. When that point occurs, the cells die. Extending telomere length extends cell life, and that may extend lifespan overall. A Calgary study adds one more intriguing bit of insight into how yoga affects DNA. A previous study conducted at Harvard University shows broad genetic modification with yoga practice, notably mindfulness meditation. In that study, one group was trained in mindfulness meditation, and the control group received no training. After eight weeks, blood samples were taken from both groups. The meditation group showed changes in 2209 genes, a very far-reaching effect. This Program can be attended by anyone in India and abroad who has a valid Passport as identity proof,  through Online Paid Registration as Ordinary / VIP Delegate or through Donations in the VVIP Category,which are limited number of  seats reserved for such attendees who want to elaborately participate      in the Yoga Lab live at  the venue. Venue shall be reputed 6 star properties in Kolkata,West Bengal with options of stay at venue@ special Rates.While we are in the process of finalising the major dates,the two series dates in February and March,2018 are published. We are hosting a Curtain Raiser on 31st December,2017 to this program with a special class as "By Invitation Only" in Kolkata and Bangkok. The dates open for registrations are: February Date  :03rd and 04th February,2018. March Date      :19th,24th and 25th March,2018. Program Registration :1 day program for attendees  Venue                 :Prestigious 6 star Category Auditorium,Kolkata,West Bengal India Special Packages available at the venue : a. Negotiated special rates for stay at venue with the Hotel Partner @ Stay including Buffet Breakfast. c. Program@ venue includes Hi Tea in noon and Buffet Lunch for Morning Registrants. d. Program@ venue includes:  Hi Tea in afternoon and Buffet Dinner for Evening Registrants.

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