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139, 1st A Cross Rd, 5th Block,, Koramangala,Bangalore,Karnātaka,India
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Career Growth Design

Start date: 2017-11-12 11:00:00

UpGrad Xchange
139, 1st A Cross Rd, 5th Block,, Koramangala,Bangalore,Karnātaka

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Achieve your career goals creatively! Please come in 15 minutes early to complete registration. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Event Overview This session is designed to make tangible progress on a career goal you want to achieve: - Promotion - Career shift - Clarity on your career path - Start your own company ----------------------------------------------------------------- Event Outcomes - Clearly articulate a time-bound career goal you want to achieve  - Define your challenge clearly by identifying the top professional and personal barriers getting in your way - Create a personal business model and identify key skills required to get where you want. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Event Benefits - This workshop is 100% focused on your individual career goals, as opposed to covering a generic topic - Walk out with a completed personal business model that gives you clarity on your career - Leave with an overview of how you can apply creativity and design principles to grow your career ----------------------------------------------------------------- Event Details - Sunday, November 12th, 11 AM to 1 PM - UpGrad Xchange, Koramangala - Limited to 25 participants - Free entry ----------------------------------------------------------------- Event Lead - Raashid Navlakhi is the Founder and Chief Designer at I For Indya, a creative consultancy that enables remarkable business and career growth - He is a certified Design Thinking Coach that focuses relentlessly on the application, execution and outcomes of creativity as opposed to the theory of it - He has already lead fast paced, action packed and fun business/career growth workshops for 1000+ people over the past year with remarkable results - Prior to I For Indya, Raashid was a consultant at Accenture, London and a business graduate from the University of Bath, UK ----------------------------------------------------------------- Why does creativity matter to you? - According to the World Economic Forum, creativity will be the #1 most valuable career skill by 2020 - In the innovation economy, the most effective way to differentiate yourself from the rest is being a creative performer ----------------------------------------------------------------- What does I For Indya do for individuals? - At I For Indya, we run hands on and implementation focused programmes that lead to tangible results - We find creative ways not just to start, but finish what we've started by focusing on doing, not just thinking - We leave you feeling creative, confident and part of a supportive community - We have several success stories across all career challenges - To find out more, follow us on ----------------------------------------------------------------- How does I For Indya do this? - We use a combination of world renowned Design Thinking practices and our unique Heart, Head and Hand model - We focus on execution, as opposed to just planning - We are powered by a valuable community that shares insights, connections and resources -----------------------------------------------------------------

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