Certified Digital Content Writer Course (CDCW) By Henry Harvin Education

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Certified Digital Content Writer Course (CDCW) By Henry Harvin Education

Start date: 2017-12-16 00:00:00

India International Centre

End date: 2018-01-07 00:00:00

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Henry Harvin Education introduces 4 day/32 hours Classroom Based Training and Certification course on content writing creating professional content writer, marketers, strategists. Gain Proficiency in creating 30+ content types and become a certified digital content writer(CDCW professional).




Module 1- Language Specifications


-Introduction to Content Writing, Content Marketing and Content Strategy


-Types of Content tones


-Types of Styles


-Common grammatical errors


-Spellings and Punctuation rules


-Using Thesaurus/ Software for content spinning


-Content formats


-Content Flow/ Presentation


-Content referencing


Module 2- Internet Aspects


-Online researching


-Cracking internet using Google


-Using Article directories


-Learning to use spinning software


-Designing of Cover pages


-Checking for copyrights


-Using content under public domain


-Blogging (Wordpress/Blogger/Blogspot)


-Setting up themes/templates


-Using LOGO theme


-Adding content tags, categories


-Keyword research (Google keyword planner)


-Understanding Google analytics and ALEXA rankings


-Leveraging social media for content distribution


Module 3- Content types and Formats-


Article writing/spinning


-Blog posts and social media posts


-Book summaries/reviews


-Copy writing/ Landing pages


-Creative writing/ fiction


-DIY guides/ manuals


-E-Book writing


-Editing / proofreading


-Ghost writing


-Grant writing/ proposal writing


-Newsletter/ magazine writing


-Press releases


-Product review/ Descriptions/ recipes


-Resume writing/ cover letters


-Sales writing


-Technical guides


-Web content/ SEO writing


Module 4- Academic Content Types


-Question banks




-Study materials/ courseware


-Academic guides/ manuals/ Tutorials


-E-learning / RUBRICS


-Project reports


-Research papers/ white papers


-Thesis reports


Module 5- Communications and Content Strategy


-Strategic vs. Non-strategic content


-Permanent challenges in creating effective content


-Broader framework for creating content for social media.


-Creating and promoting brands with strategic content


-Building user experience with content


-Segmenting market and understanding your target segments.


-Creating target personas before creating content (with case study)


-Some core management concepts and its implementation in content strategy


Module 6- Taking Content to Work


-Content writing projects (Website Selection)


-Choosing the right projects


-Writing impressive proposals


-Setting up milestones


-Hourly tracking software


-Payment Collection through ESCROW accounts


-Withdrawing the DOLLAR amounts to Indian Bank accounts through Paypal


-Search Engine Optimization(SEO)


India's Only CW Institute Offering 100% Internship & Placement Support


Exclusively Offered by: Henry Harvin Education


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