DEMO Workshop - Digital Marketing MasterClass | Sun, 11th Mar | 8 PM

kolkata,Kolkata,West Bengal,India
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DEMO Workshop - Digital Marketing MasterClass | Sun, 11th Mar | 8 PM

Start date: 2018-03-11 20:00:00

kolkata,Kolkata,West Bengal

End date:

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Demo workshop for True Digital Marketing MasterClass Who should attend this webinar? Experienced professionals having an experience of 2 or more years in digital marketing or marketing domain. A marketer who wants to take a leapfrog before time and establish themselves as a head of digital marketing. The person can be an expert in SEO, PPC, social media, content, design or just want to explore digital marketing as a subject. The panel expert Aji Issac Mathew | CEO, Indus Net TechShu | 15 Years in Digital Marketing He is co-founder & CEO of INT TechShu, a 750+ digital team, one of the largest teams in digital marketing space, a google premier partner. With an experience of 15 years of high-end digital success, he is also a senior member of, Moz, author at etc. He is pure Mar-Tech cum Creative blend with hands-on experience on all channels. He is also a weekend academician training at, to name a few. Aji is the chief mentor to and soon to launch What topics will be covered? Through this webinar, you’ll get guidance on the following: Is digital marketing a good career switch in 2018? How to go about training certifications like Hubspot Inbound Marketing, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, AWS, SEO etc.? An understanding of the 4 digital markets (Search Intent, Profile Target, Contextual, Re-engagement & mobile) and digital frameworks (Assets, Enhancers & POEM campaign layer). What are the key components of an effective digital strategy? Is changing domains as a working professional a smart decision? Being a PPC expert, what soft and hard skills do you need the learn in 2018 to stay relevant in the market? Is your content marketing driving you to the goals or you need to scrap your current strategy and start from scratch? What has changed in SEO in the last couple of years and why you should be alarmed? Discussion on Google Adwords App feature changes, YouTube updates, Facebook Feed, Google Double Click, Alexa sponsored voice ads, Snapchat analytics and much more. The host will also discuss Digital Marketing MasterClass, how it will be conducted and why it is different from other courses in the market. The webinar is conducted by: Digital Marketing University Indus Net TechShu Indus Net Technologies The Strategy Academy   The webinar will be live on Zoom Cloud Meetings application

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