Forget Cold Calling, Telemarketing,Telesales failures

#49A, First Floor, Panchayat Office Road Cross St,Chennai,Tamil Nādu,India
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Forget Cold Calling, Telemarketing,Telesales failures

Start date: 2017-12-02 10:00:00

#49A, First Floor, Panchayat Office Road Cross St,Chennai,Tamil Nādu

End date: 2017-12-02 14:00:00

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Learn Top Cold Calling/Prospecting Techniques to engage any C-Level Decision Maker in first 30 Seconds. Access Event Details here Engaging C-Level Decision Makers is hard; Selling to them is even harder. And, if you are selling high priced products, you can imagine the level of readiness you should have. Basic Sales Skills won't take you anywhere. To engage C-Level decision makers, you need to understand customer business, his pain points, buying motivations and show him the value your product brings to the table before you can expect his investments. For this you need to decode your product features, your Sales Process, customer needs, his business and even competitive landscape before you can come up with your own silver bullet to engage c-level decision makers and win deals - Big or Small. Sad part is, its hard and takes lots of research time and skills. So, you face with the choice, ignore it or Fix It. Ignore it and it can cost you your Sales Career. So, what would you do? Here is the painkiller. Yes, it is fast, quick and gives complete relief. My Cold Call Sales Training Workshops you can join and gain Top Sales Skills that have helped me sell millions on phone without the need of even meeting clients in person.

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