Free Webinar: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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Free Webinar: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Training

Start date: 2018-03-17 11:00:00


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Free Webinar: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning The course helps you understand the Machine Learning concepts, applications and popular algorithms that can be applied to today’s digital enterprises. Today’s Managers have strategic role in driving the right set of decisions that has the direct implications on the business performance. Machine Learning based algorithms help in predictive analytics and clustering/classification of a large dataset chosen from enterprise/industry repository.    Agenda Industry trends in data science Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning AI/ML value proposition for the Banking IndustryMachine Learning role in data analytics Machine Learning Concepts and Process Machine Learning Types:     • Supervised Learning     • Unsupervised Learning     • Reinforcement Learning Machine Learning Process:     • Data Preparation     • Data Loading     • Training Machine with dataset     • Applying ML Algorithms     • Score and Evaluate Demo of top ML Algorithms in PythonMachine Learning Use Cases in BankingDeveloping career in MLEssential skills for ML professionalsOpen Session   Faculty: Sharad is an industry veteran with over 30 years of hands-on technology consulting and solution development experience with Fortune 500 organisations. He is regarded as a champion in architecture-led digital transformation using emerging technologies like AI, Machine Learning, RPA, Domain Driven Design, APIs, Blockchain, Security, etc. and using a host of latest tools and frameworks.   CONTACT:(+91 9886077575)T: +91 80 26630622, 22459941

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