Life Design 101

43 Residency Road,Bangalore,Karnātaka,India
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Life Design 101

Start date: 2018-01-14 11:00:00

WeWork Galaxy
43 Residency Road,Bangalore,Karnātaka

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Design your Best Year Ever! Registration is mandatory to participate: come in 15 minutes early to complete registration.-----------------------------------------------------------------Why Design Your Life?Every so often we stop and wonder if there’s more to life than getting through our jobs and taking care of our families. Does life really have to be about waiting for that two week vacation that will make the other fifty weeks of the year worth it? It doesn't. A life well lived is designed to optimize every day so that you’re always winning. How does it work?Our Life Design Workshop and Indyan Fellowship are designed to help you identify the top focus areas or domains in your life, gauge the level of growth required in each domain, and plan 90 day projects that will get you on the road to living a holistic, fulfilling life. This event is a free, introductory session for you to get a flavor of how I For Indya can enable you to take your life goals and dreams and turn them into actionable plans that don't need you to give up on the rest of your life.-----------------------------------------------------------------Event Outcomes- Identify the top 5-6 focus areas of your life - Gauge your level of fulfilment in each area- Identify the top barriers to living a more well rounded life- Reframe and ideate creative solutions to those barries- Leave with a 90 day project plan for one domain of your life-----------------------------------------------------------------Event Benefits- This workshop is 100% focused on your individual goals, as opposed to covering a generic topic- Walk out with a completed 90 day project plan that gives you clarity on next steps - Get a taste of how you can apply creativity and design principles to design your life-----------------------------------------------------------------Event Details- Sunday, January 14th, 11 AM to 1 PM- WeWork Galaxy ( Limited to 80 participants- Free entry-----------------------------------------------------------------Event Lead- Raashid Navlakhi is the Founder and Chief Designer at I For Indya, a creative consultancy that enables remarkable business and career growth- He is a certified Design Thinking Coach that focuses relentlessly on the application, execution and outcomes of creativity as opposed to the theory of it- He has already lead fast paced, action packed and fun business/career growth workshops for 1000+ people over the past year with remarkable results- Prior to I For Indya, Raashid was a consultant at Accenture, London and a business graduate from the University of Bath, UK-----------------------------------------------------------------Why does creativity matter to you?- According to the World Economic Forum, creativity will be the #1 most valuable career skill by 2020- In the innovation economy, the most effective way to differentiate yourself from the rest is being a creative performer-----------------------------------------------------------------What does I For Indya do for individuals?- At I For Indya, we run hands on and implementation focused programmes that lead to tangible results- We find creative ways not just to start, but finish what we've started by focusing on doing, not just thinking- We leave you feeling creative, confident and part of a supportive community- We have several success stories across all career challenges- To find out more, follow us on does I For Indya do this?- We use a combination of world renowned Design Thinking practices and our unique Heart, Head and Hand model- We focus on execution, as opposed to just planning- We are powered by a valuable community that shares insights, connections and resources-----------------------------------------------------------------

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