Machine Learning Training with Python

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Machine Learning Training with Python

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Machine Learning Training with Python – Instructor-Led Live Online Training Classes Modes                                   AI and Machine Learning is a field of computer science that focuses on to building intelligent machines that work and react like humans, whereas Machine Learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence that makes the same machines learn by themselves without being explicitly programmed by programmers. Do you want to be Machine Learning Expert in 5 weeks? Artificial and machine learning applications are built to perform the following tasks: Reasoning, problem solving Knowledge representation Planning, perception, and learning Natural language processing Motion and manipulation Gaining general intelligence Gaining social intelligence Possessing creativity WHAT ARE THE INSIGHTS OF MACHINE LEARNING WITH PYTHON ONLINE COURSE? After course completion, a participant can get entitled with the below: Strong knowledge on AI, Data Science and Machine Learning technology. Implementation and having strong hand-on experiencein principles, algorithms and applications of Machine Learning through unique teaching approach. Having deep knowledge of Machine Learning models with the base of mathematical and heuristic aspects of Machine Learning Comprehensive relation between theory and practical for Machine Learning Problem solving ability for different real world scenarios on Machine Learning as we will be covering various real time use cases and you need to accomplish 7+ ML projects   Who can take anAI and Machine Learning Course? A developer who wants to become a Machine Learning expert An analytic manager handling a team of analysts A business analyst who wants to have a deep understanding of Machine Learning techniques An information architect who wants to become an expert in Machine Learning algorithms An analytics professional who wants to learn AI and machine learning Graduates looking to build a lucrative career in AI and machine learning An experienced professional who wants to be future-ready Any professional who wants to move to AI and Machine Learning   For more information on curriculum, please click here. WHAT PROJECTS ARE INCLUDED IN THIS MACHINE LEARNING ONLINE TRAINING COURSE? Predicting Housing Price  Predicting a business deal outcome (win or loss) Predicting sales performance of newly on-boarded dealer/distributors Predicting credit card defaulter (Yes or No)  Predicting commodity price Customer segmentation Time series forecasting   Machine Learning with Python Training – Live Instructor -Led Online training Classes 1)      30 Hours of Live online instructor-led classes 2)      73 Lectures 3)      English Language 4)      Assessments 5)      Training by industry experts 6)      Real life projects 7)      Earn certificate 8)      24x7 online experts help   Want to know more information on Machine Learning with Python Course? Click here.   About NearLearn:   NearLearn, is the Ed-Tech company which is specialized into proving Live Instructor-Led Online and Classroom Services into AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Blockchain, DevOps and many more. It’s Machine Learning Course is World’s best Certification Course. We are having a network of 100+ professional trainers. We provided trainings to 400+ professionals on more than 50 types of courses     For any queries, write to us: Samarpita, Learning Specialist Email: Phone: +1 (80) 526-54155                 +91-6360148867 WhatsApp : +91-6360148867

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