March 2018 #mumtechup : Swift + Docker Birthday #5

Near Andheri Subway , Andheri E,Mumbai,Mahārāshtra,India
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March 2018 #mumtechup : Swift + Docker Birthday #5

Start date: 2018-03-25 11:00:00

Near Andheri Subway , Andheri E,Mumbai,Mahārāshtra

End date:

Created on: 2018-03-16 12:54:06 by:evdb

Agenda [please read till the end for full details] :  IMP: Registration does not guarantee a ticket. All tickets will be confirmed on the Friday afternoon before the event. Welcome to Mumbai's largest OSS community and longest running tech meetup over 5 years.  We are excited to announce  our 1st ever theme based on a strong Apple association : Swift. =========================================================================== MTP Talks =========================================================================== Talk #1 Time: 11.00 am  - 12.00 pm 1. Title : Let's put some actions to reactions! (RxSwift/RxCocoa) 2  Speaker: Rohan Sanap 3. Bio:  iOS developer currently working with Revofit 4. Target audience : Beginners of RxSwift, people who are willing to incorporate it with least learning curve 5. Coordinates: ========================================================================== Talk #2 Time: 12.00 pm  - 1.00 pm  1. Title: Threads? Oh, Queues! Threading has been around since many years and almost every OS support it and interfaces low-level API’s to us to make use of them, but they do not solve the general problem of executing multiple tasks in a scalable way. Queues, on the other hand, take an asynchronous design approach to solving the concurrency problem. 2. Speaker: Simranjot Singh 3. Bio : Simranjot is freshly graduated from college and is digging through iOS since then. He’s currently wrapping his head around building and distributing dynamic frameworks and working at Haptik.  4. Coordinate: ========================================================================== Talk #3 Time: 1.00 pm  - 2.00 pm  1. Title:  Declarative Programming, the Concept and its use in Swift As developers, not only do we concentrate on implementing workable features, but also attempt to increase the maintenance of our code. In order to keep the code robust, it is vital to retain a high-level of expressiveness during programming. It is said that declarative programming can be used to achieve our goal because one of its basic concepts is describing the intentions of developers. Swift, being a language known for its expressive nature gives us an opportunity to explore the functional declarative style 2. Speaker: Akanksha Sharma 3. Bio: Working with Network18 as iOS Developer. With almost 5 years of experience in Mobile and Web Development, I continuously strive to enhance my knowledge. Enthusiastic about new tech trends, connecting with new people and Star Wars. 4. Coordinates: Twitter - Community link: ========================================================================== LUNCH BREAK ========================================================================== Docker Birthday # 5  Agenda:2:30pm - Welcome message by Community Leader[Augustine Correa] + short intro presentation of Docker3:00pm - Hands on Labs with mentors 6:00pm - End Requirements : Laptop + own internet connection. Community Link : ===========================================================================  Important notes: 1. The meetup is free and open to all technology enthusiasts ONLY. Recruiters and entrepreneurs who are looking to hire, please excuse, this is a purely technical event. Ours is a community run meetup. 2. Its mandatory for all those who are attending to get the tickets for the sessions they intend to attend.[Soft copy is preferrable...a QR code + 2 barcode will be generated for you when you buy a ticket] 3. DO NOT issue tickets if you are not sure of attending. If you get tickets issued and do NOT attend, you go into our blacklist which will be to your disadvantage for ALL our future meetups 4. Please watch out for changes in schedule. We will communicate with you on the email provided during registeration.  5. Right of admissions reserved. Since we have limited seats, we want to ensure the correct audience partakes in the individual sessions. Hence its vital you fill up the relevant boxes on various technologies while registering. 6. There is a 30 min lunch break but we do not serve lunch. Its more of a biobreak and coffee time. Why? See last statement of point 1 above :-)  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Augustine Correa Docker Mumbai Community Leader Rohan Sanap Revofit iOS Developer Akanksha Sharma Network18 iOS Developer Simranjot Singh iOS Engineer

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