Mind Mapping: for Startups, Professionals & Freelancers

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Mind Mapping: for Startups, Professionals & Freelancers

Start date: 2018-03-09 15:00:00

91 Springboard Navi Mumbai

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Created on: 2018-02-28 18:34:38 by:evdb

Probably the greatest business tool in the universe! Agenda: Train yourself to think of new business ideas IMMEDIATELY  Learn to enhance your business memory in SECONDS  The speaker Dharmendra Rai, is one of India's most recognized trainers on Objective Parameters and is Mumbai's First Mind Map Trainer - Coached by Tony Buzan, the MIndmap inventor himself. He is also the first and only Double ThinkBuzan Licensed instructor and Licensed iMindMap 5 trainer. Mind Map as a tool has been implemented by prominent companies and individuals. Dharmendra has conducted several mindmap seminars across the globe and has been a TEDx speaker 5 times. Attend this event by Dharmendra Rai and get great business ideas & super memory. Don't forget to RSVP https://goo.gl/P2W5t3

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