NAD BRAHMA -Rare Cosmic Confluence of Kriya Yoga & Indian Classical Music

33B/2, Aditya Mansion Doctor Lane,Kolkata,West Bengal,India
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NAD BRAHMA -Rare Cosmic Confluence of Kriya Yoga & Indian Classical Music

Start date: 2017-12-31 11:30:00

Opposite to The Science City , 1 JBS Haldane Avenue,Kolkata,West Bengal

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Vande Guruparampara     The world is preparing for a big change, would you help ?   Hariharananda Kriyog Dhyan Kendra ( HKDK) seek your participation in a rare and Live Performance of the Cosmic Confluence of Kriya Yoga techniques with Indian Classical Music, aimed at healing the rarest diseases  of the body and mind, that threatens our human existence today. The program “NAD BRAHMA” shall take you through a journey of the human quest to seek bliss, peace and joy within this framework of multiple hazards. We all are leading a very fast life. The speed, competitions, unending desires and complications are causing psycho-somatic diseases and shortening of our life span.We have adapted many a methods to reduce their mental and physical stresses. Research says amongst all these, Yog-Meditation and Music have a prime role    to play. We are detached from the source of eternal bliss, peace and joy, which is our real abode and destination. Scientist are exploring into the space of our solar system and even beyond of it, with the help of rocket, which  are innovated by the human brain only, it is a initial and tender-foot approach only.  The ancient Munis and Rhishhis of Bharatvarshha have discovered thousands of years ago that human brain and spinal-cord are such powerful instruments which can take a human being beyond his/her existence. This is done through the scientific process of Kriyayog and Meditation as structured by Rhishhi Patanjali. This unique process of Kriyayog is based on the technique of shortest breath leading to a breath-less stage, a complete calm, tranquil and Omni-present condition. Kriyayog is a unique combination of Nad-Yog, Hatha-Yog, Mantra-Yog, Karma-Yog, Jnan-Yog, Bhakti-Yog,Raj-Yog and Lay-Yog.The science of Soul culture had its origin along with the creation itself, very secretly and allegorically. From time immemorial, Bharatvarshha happened to be the ever specialized mentor of this science of Soul culture. Kriyayog is the ancient most science of Soul culture, which the designer of the entire unique creation has very secretly and allegorically coupled with the design of the creation, which consists of matter, energy and Consciousness. Hariharananda Kriyayog Dhyan Kendra, Kolkata (HKDK), is a philanthropic Trust, under the unbroken lineage of greatest Masters of Kriyayog from Mahavatar Babaji Maharaj to Paramahamsa Hariharananda Giri Ji. HKDK’s aim is to propagate the top grade meditation techniques to all cross sections of the society of this world. Meditation through Music is one of the special techniques which HKDK wants to share with the society, on 31st December, 2017, at ITC- Sonar Bangla.    The secret and sacred process of soul culture, which is the only practical method of stress management and relationship management, thus exists with our life process itself. We are to renounce nothing to learn this, only    a short span of time with devotion is enough to learn this.  As Kriyayog is pre-historic, that is why it is non-sectarian, beyond any cast, creed, religion and geographical barrier.The cosmic divine force is denoted by three manifestations, divine sound, divine light and divine vibration. The first manifestation, Divine Sound is really the Nad, the cosmic Anahata Nad (un-hurt sound), which is self generating with-out hurting anything, it is there every where within this expanding universe and cosmos. The entire creation of this cosmos is within the domine of heavenly music called Nad Brahma and of course this frequency is beyond the appreciation level of human auditory nerves.  The sound frequency of classical music, produced by the divine vocalists or instrumentalists is below 20,000 cycles per second. When this classical music gets combined with the scientific top graded technique of Kriyayog Meditation, it at once tunes the sound of the practitioner to the cosmic music, the Nad, which unites the Soul of the practitioner with the ultimate source of creation- called Brahma, the Love, the Consciousness. Only a Sadguru, can teach the secret and sacred process of Kriyayog in detail; neither it is nor could it be sold or purchased in or from any market or internet. All they are extremely lucky and blessed who have extended their hands of co-operation for this greatest cause and platform of universal peace. Those who all could not co-operate now are also equally lucky, because they too will come sometime into the arena of Yog and Music. This Program is not ticketed in strict terms but only through Online Paid Registration as Delegate in various categories.Online Donations VVIP Category are reserved  as limited number of seats are for such attendees who want to elaborately participate in the Kriya Yoga Lab live at the venue.

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