NUMA Masterclass - Do-nut and a Half with Shantanu Pandey

4th Floor, Workshop Room , Cobalt Building, 46/1, Church Street,Bangalore,Karnātaka,India
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NUMA Masterclass - Do-nut and a Half with Shantanu Pandey

Start date: 2017-11-09 17:30:00

NUMA Bengaluru - Coworking Space / Accelerator Bangalore
4th Floor, Workshop Room , Cobalt Building, 46/1, Church Street,Bangalore,Karnātaka

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About the Speaker: Shantanu is a Cybersecurity consultant and a technology speaker. Passionate about coding since the time he could understand it, he published a paper on Game Theory and AI in 2009. He started his career with a prominent tech/research giant and moved to Bangalore for his first startup in 2011. There he built consumer products for cab hiring, smart watches, news, and media. He also organized Hackathons and delivered tech-talks at tier-I and III engineering/management colleges while traveling the country. After Build-Operate-Transfer with a silicon valley firm, Shantanu served as Director of Engineering and worked on Banking, Public Sector, E-commerce, Entertainment, Shipping, Gaming and Lifestyle- neck deep in AI, IOT and User Experience. Shantanu now heads engineering for an investment bank and is focused on Fintech and AI. His current affiliations include ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association), and previously CSI (Computer Society of India) and Microsoft Student Partners. Talk Agenda: This talk involves the factors governments, enterprises and startups face alike - and ignore until the time it is too late. Often resulting in total shut down of hospitals, leaked passwords, credit card information, social security data for starters. Secondly, talking to us about how we can prevent these factors from coming up.

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