Once upon a time in the Cantonment.

82/4,2nd Floor,Mosque Road,Bangalore,Karnātaka,India
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Once upon a time in the Cantonment.

Start date: 2018-03-25 08:00:00

Frazer Town
82/4,2nd Floor,Mosque Road,Bangalore,Karnātaka

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Created on: 2018-03-22 11:49:44 by:evdb

Join us on a new walk in the Cantonment area this time. On this walk learn more about the history of the cantonment, its inhabitants, and it's food culture too.These essentially residential neighborhoods have plenty of schools, colleges, churches, mosques, etc. On this walk we unravel the history of some of these heritage structures and narrate the philanthropic contributions of some of the ladies and gentlemen who called Frazer town, Richards park, Coles park, Cleveland town as their home. There's so much to see and narrate in this part of town, we think we might have to split this walk into two parts.A nice vegetarian breakfast, as well as snacks from one of the iconic bakeries, is also included as part of this walk.

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