Panguni Uthiram Special Rituals

S.P.Towers, No.81, Valluvar Kottam High Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai.,Chennai,Tamil Nādu,India
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Panguni Uthiram Special Rituals

Start date: 2018-03-30 18:00:00

S.P.Towers, No.81, Valluvar Kottam High Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai.,Chennai,Tamil Nādu

End date: 2018-03-30 23:00:00

Created on: 2018-03-27 03:19:43 by:Vedicfolks121

A Rare & Unique Ritual To Change Negative Impact Of Your Star in Vedic Astrology On Panguni Uthiram Mar 30, 2018 Astrology has a direct influence on our lives. The placements of planets in our natal charts at the time of birth have a direct bearing on your future. A person is born into a particular nakshatra or constellation on his date of birth called janma nakshatra. There are 27 such constellations that represent our journey from birth to death. There are ruled by a planet, deity, symbol, aim of life and guna. The presence of planets and deities in these nakshatras determine the characteristics of an individual. So it is a must to shape your future with rituals to the rulers of grahas. Panguni Uthiram is a perfect auspicious day to change negative impacts of stars in Vedic astrology and reverse your destiny and bring great fortunes at your doorstep. Panguni Uthiram Special Rituals • Nakshatra Maha Homam • Nava graham Suktham Parayanam • Navagraha Temple Puja • Energised Crystal Mala • Energised Navagraha Yantra Nakshatra Maha Homam Nakshatra homam has a direct effect on our personality, destiny, past, present and future, our thoughts, instincts and so on. It overhauls our lives and relieves us of all planetary errors or doshams. For a booming life, it is better to do this puja once a year on the birth star. It provides inner strength and confidence with desirable results. The Nakshatra Maha Homam neutralises the defects of the planets in their mahadasa or antardasa. Mantras and offering give positive effects and have the power to cure chronic ailments. This Homam invokes all the nakshatras on the day with kalasams and avahanams so that you can stay clear of all obstacles in life that are caused by the movement of planets in your janma nakshatra. Why Nakshatra Maha Homam Can Be Good For You • Janma nakshatra shapes up your attitude, physical appearance and future • Maintains prosperity of an individual throughout • Builds inner strength and confidence • It Passifies janma nakshatra which leads to positive Karma • Removes doshas in the birth chart & provides good improvement in quality of life Nava graham Suktham Parayanam It helps reduce difficult karmas indicated by the planets and balance planetary energies for wealth, health, prosperity and spiritual realisation. Navagraha Temple Puja The Neelakandeshwar temple situated close to Chennai is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is also one of the Navagraha temples where special pujas and homas are conducted to the planets especially Rahu and Ketu, the nodal planets that have great influence in the lives of people. Energised Crystal Mala It helps in growth and awareness as it opens the chakras of the body for meditation and spiritual development. It not only reduces stress, but also aids in healing diseases, strengthens your ideologies and helps you balance life easily. Energised Navagraha Yantra This yantra is a combined yantra for all the nine planets. It is a very useful and beneficial yantra that strengthens the beneficial planets and neutralises the negative effects if there are any. By worshipping it every day one can achieve maximum advantages from planetary impacts. Booking Links: OR

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