SoulGaze - Release Boredom, Loneliness & Depression

W-126, Greater Kailash II,New Delhi,Delhi,India
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SoulGaze - Release Boredom, Loneliness & Depression

Start date: 2017-10-07 15:30:00


End date: 2017-10-07 17:30:00

Repeat: weekly on Saturdays for 9 times

Created on: 2017-06-01 06:00:03 by:soulthegoala204e

Note : This is NOT a dating facilitation. Some participants who attend are married. For some it's their much-awaited Saturday. Some are foreigners who can't speak hindi. Only 8 participants allowed. Person found guilty of misconduct will be warned; & on repitition, asked to leave; politely or otherwise :) Description follows: Are you part of the 1℅ of the population, who can learn how to SoulGaze ? When you talk to someone important to you, can you gaze, continuously, into his/her eyes, with a safe, warm intent ? Or do you end up making him/her uncomfortable ? How many people's gaze meet your warm eyes, this morning ? Yesterday ? In your entire life ? Or could they only focus on your words ? SoulGaze is a spiritually engaging activity, where you look into another person’s eyes to see their inner beauty. When doing this, you will see aspects of who they are, often aspects that do not show externally. The main purpose is to share who you really are. You'll be seen for who you really are on the inside. You will also get to see more of who another person is. Under proper guidance, you'll do a series of both verbal & non-verbal meditations, & silently gaze into everyone else's soul. In pairs turn by turn, partners change every round; so you'll be partnered with at least 3 people, one at a time. In the end you'll have experienced true soulful communication, with your new friends, you haven't met yet. Benefits : Total release of emotional neediness.Total release of shyness in connecting with another human being. Increased job/business success due to becoming better at influencing eye-contact. Deeper levels of friendships/relationships in your life, because of developing capacity to connect more deeply. Development of a calm & charming presence in you. Increase in tolerance of difference of opinion. Increase in felt togetherness with people you may right now consider different than you. Call/WhatsApp +918076735034 in case you face any difficulty. An easier Paytm transfer can also be arranged. Seating limited to 8 persons. This is to help the participants feel safe to share.

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