STATISTICS WITH R - Classroom Session

Jubilee Hills, Venkatagiri,Hyderābād,Andhra Pradesh,India
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STATISTICS WITH R - Classroom Session

Start date: 2017-11-03 00:00:00

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Jubilee Hills, Venkatagiri,Hyderābād,Andhra Pradesh

End date: 2017-11-26 00:00:00

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Topics to be covered:


  1. Basics of Statistics

  2. Hypothesis Testing

  3. Models, Supervised and Unsupervised Learning Examples

  4. Linear Regression

  5. Classification

  6. Resampling

  7. Model Selection and Regularization

  8. Non-Linear Regression

  9. Tree-Based Methods

  10. Support Vector Machines

  11. Unsupervised Learning

  12. R Programming Introduction and Application of all the above concepts in R


For whom this course is useful?


  1. Researchers of almost all the fields

  2. College Students

  3. Marketing

  4. Corporate Professionals

  5. Analytics Professionals

  6. People keen to make career in research and analytics


What will you get from this course?


  1. All the statistical concepts covered and made strong

  2. Ability to predict and forecast and make different models

  3. Analyse data visually

  4. Get prepared for the interview sessions

  5. Be prepared to start treading into advanced analytics field

  6. Occasional Meeting with a person of relevant industry

  7. A certificate of honour provided by Black Feathers if you clear the final exam

  8. A certificate of participation to all the students


Course Structure


  1. Batch Strength – 20

  2. Course Fees

    1. Rs 1500, if booked before 30th of August

    2. Rs 2500, if booked before 30th of September

    3. Rs 4000 afterwards

  3. Timings:

    1. Friday: 8PM to 10PM

    2. Saturday: 11AM to 2 PM

    3. Sunday: 11AM to 2 PM


Place: Rent A Desk Conference Room (Tentative)

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