Summer CARTOON Film-making Workshop

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Summer CARTOON Film-making Workshop

Start date: 2018-05-03 11:00:00

Toon Club

End date: 2018-05-03 12:30:00

Repeat: daily for 12 times

Created on: 2018-03-14 01:59:16 by:ToonClub

12 sessions (Mon-Fri) Batch 1: 11am-12:30pm Batch 2: 2:30pm-4pm Last date for registration: 30th April 2018 Toon Club is an award-winning pioneering organisation dedicated to teaching children the 'Art of Animation & Visual Storytelling'. We have won over 16 International awards including Asifa Excellence Award, ABAI Make a Difference Award (for our contribution in spreading social messages using Animation), Orbit Live award (unique contribution to the animation industry) etc. We have taught animation in some of the best schools in Mumbai- American School of Bombay (ASB), Ecole Mondiale World School, Ecole Francaise Internationale de Bombay(EFIB), Bombay International, Beacon High etc. ABOUT "Summer CARTOON Film-making Workshop": The Acclaimed Award-winning Hand-drawn 12 session Animation Program designed along International lines, delves into various topics ranging from- -History & definition of Animation -Persistence of Vision -Optical Devices- Thaumatrope, Phenakistoscope, Zoetrope, Flip books etc. -Principles of animation & Simple laws of Physics -Two techniques of animation- Clay animation & Pixilation -And finally creating a cartoon movie Each child will create 3 animation films using 3 different techniques.

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