Tech Talk on Iterative Machine Learning

Madhapur,Hyderābād,Andhra Pradesh,India
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Tech Talk on Iterative Machine Learning

Start date: 2017-12-01 17:30:00

,Hyderabad-Deccan,Andhra Pradesh

End date:

Created on: 2017-11-09 19:24:43 by:evdb

Tech Talk on Iterative Machine Learning *Kindly note that this is a limited seats invite only event for appropriate audience (will be in a Hotel around Hitech City), please register yourself by clicking the link at the bottom to request for an invite. The Speakers Evan Koh Evan has 10 years of experience in data mining and software engineering across a variety of fields - biological, financial, social gaming, e-books, and e-commerce. He has a PhD in Bioinformatics from National University of Singapore.A marathon runner & sports enthusiast, Evan is proud of his Ironman completion. Evan will share his experience on building and releasing machine learning models iteratively and the invaluable lessons learnt by the mistakes made. He will also be talking about how we apply Machine Learning algorithms for the products here at Indeed.  Boris Jansen Boris has 15 years of experience in working on complex products like search engines specifically into indexing, ranking, and product data analytics. He did his Master’s from Leiden University, Netherlands and has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Kanazawa University in Japan. A 6-dan in Kendo, one of the reasons that made Boris move to Japan is, his interest to further develop his Kendo skills. Boris will talk about the challenging journey of scaling an engineering organization 10x, leveraging programs like Onboarding & Rotations, Indeed University, and Infrastructure changes to support a large and distributed organization. Agenda 5.30 PM - 6.00 PM : Registration & Refreshments 6.00 PM - 6.45 PM : Tech Talk on Iterative Machine Learning (Speaker: Evan Koh) 7.00 PM - 7.15 PM : How to Scale an Engineering Organization 10x (Speaker: Boris Jansen) 7.15 PM - 7.45 PM : Networking with fellow ML enthusiasts over some beer & snacks :) Request for Invitation Invitation requests will be reviewed by the technical panel at Indeed and Invitations will be sent for appropriate audience based on criteria like GitHub/StackOverflow/Linkedin profiles.

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