The Missing Link

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The Missing Link

Start date: 2018-06-01 14:30:00

Soatech Solution

End date: 2018-06-01 17:30:00

Created on: 2017-12-18 02:10:04 by:soumitra14da2

In today’s highly competitive world every business is looking for ways improve their profitability. Find the missing link that can boost your profits by up to 20% in a day This game changing seminar will help you find the missing link for your business. Should I attend this seminar? Answer these questions. If the answer to any of the questions is “No” then you must attend the seminar. Is the average year on year growth of your business more than business inflation rate? (Avg. business inflation is 10% approx) Every month are you taking home more than salary you can command in market for your effort/skill from your business? Are you spending more than 80% time on your core skills (Marketing, Finance etc.) in day to day running of your business? Do you have defined business succession? Are you innovating faster than the product or service lifecycle? Topics Covered Take Home Your Profits Every Month Know The Real Position of Your Business Turn Your Employees into Business Leaders Speakers Sharad Churiwala and Govindaraju T.V. directors of Soatech Solution and authors of the book “24 Hour Business Turnaround-Increase Profits Up To 20% in a Day” To Know more about the even call us at 9980449302 or email us at This is a paid seminar with a fee of Rs. 2500. There is a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with the seminar.

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