TRUST ( Breakfast) Seminar

40, Lodhi Gardens , Lodhi Estate,Delhi,Delhi,India
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TRUST ( Breakfast) Seminar

Start date: 2017-11-07 10:00:00

India International centre

End date:

Created on: 2017-09-22 08:33:27 by:evdb

Leaders add value in all sorts of different ways. But why do people trust certain leaders and not others? And do your people trust you? How do you personally add value? It’s something we all need to answer. What do we contribute?  What do we particularly bring to the enterprise? If we asked your people – staff, colleagues, what value you personally add to them and the organization - in your role and personally - what would they say about YOU?  Why should you attend?  Attendees will learn the power of: Engaging the workforce Providing purpose Stories that invite trust Making meaning

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