Two-Day Workshop on Go Programming Language

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Two-Day Workshop on Go Programming Language

Start date: 2018-02-17 10:00:00

Intide Space
BNR Complex, 2nd Floor, J.P.Nagar, 7th Phase, Near Brigade Millenium, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078 , J.P.Nagar, 7th Phase, Near Brigade Millenium, 560078,Bangalore,Karnātaka

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Created on: 2018-01-31 21:49:51 by:evdb

Go is an open source programming language developed at Google by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike and Ken Thompson that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software. Go has been growing rapidly GitHub reports that Go has become the #9 most popular language, surpassing C, and has seen a growth of 52% over the last year. Who Should Attend: Engineering managers looking to evaluate or adopt Go Software developers starting to adopt Go Teams looking to share best practices around Go development workflows Why should I learn Go: Go is a modern, concurrent and safe language. There is a huge, supportive community, backed by giants like Google, Dropbox, Docker and Cloudflare. All this results in one thing programmers are able to create stabler code in lesser time. Course Prerequisites: The course is designed for software developers with a few years of professional experience, having knowledge of any language like Python, PHP or Java. Knowledge of Go is not expected. Being comfortable with using the command-line terminal would be helpful. The course will be very hands-on. You need to bring your laptop, running Windows, Linux or macOS. Internet access will be available at the training center. Please install the git version control system beforehand. You can use your editor of choice, or the free Visual Studio Code with Go extensions. You can also install Go itself as per the instructions here, which will save time during the training. Course Content & Agenda: Day 1 | First Half Go Language Setup and "hello world" Basic data types, variables, constants Arrays, slices, structs, maps, pointers Day 1 | Second Half Functions, methods, interfaces Goroutines, channels Error handling, defer, panic Day 2 | First Half Ecosystem Connecting to databases Synchronization HTTP package, web servers, and clients Day 2 | Second Half Building a standalone web application in Go All topics will be covered by example code which you'll complete and run to get hands-on familiarity with each concept. Course Takeaways: Having attended the training, you will be able to develop complete Go applications and services on your own. You will learn where and how to find help and resources to further your knowledge of Go. Trainer Profile: Mahadevan Ramachandran ( has over 18 years of experience and is the technical co-founder and CEO of RapidLoop. RapidLoop builds products in Go and offers training and consulting services. OpsDash, RapidLoop's flagship product, was built from the ground up in Go and is used by companies around the world - from startups to the Fortune 500. Mahadevan has also served as game CTO for top Zynga titles reaching millions of players and led development teams at Siemens, Philips, Emulex and EMC.Register Here:

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