WAVE 2018 - World AR VR Expo and Conference

Kothaguda, Izzathnagar,Hyderābād,Andhra Pradesh,India
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WAVE 2018 - World AR VR Expo and Conference

Start date: 2018-06-22 00:00:00

Hitex Exhibition Center
Kothaguda, Izzathnagar,Hyderābād,Andhra Pradesh

End date: 2018-06-24 00:00:00

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WAVE 2018 - World AR VR Expo & Conference is Hyderabad’s largest consumer inclusive augmented & virtual reality expo! We’ve heard your wishes for more public presence in AR & VR convention spaces, and now we’re inviting you to come showcase your games and gear in a setting for developers and consumers alike. WAVE 2018 offers 3 days full of experiences and exhibitions dedicated to the cutting-edge entertainment technology of the future! 

Event URL: https://www.wavexc.com/

WAVE 2018 - World AR VR Expo & Conference from Jun 22-24, 2018 (22nd Being the Business Day ( B2B Meetings, Investors Meet, Conferences etc.) and 23rd &24th being the Expo day for B2C & other business events) which is going to be held at Hitex Exhibition Centre ,Hyderabad, India. A huge expo zone for more showcases,Publisher meetups, Experience Zone and Investor Meetings for 1st 50 startups to register. We are expecting around 2000 Delegates on the Business day ,20+ Speakers ,80+ Showcases , 20+ Workshops @ the Experience Zone and close to 20000 visitors in all.

 An international platform and professional conference for immersive & similar technologies.


Why you should attend WAVE - WAVE is India's largest consumer inclusive virtual & augmented reality expo, WAVE invites the public to experience the wizardry of VR, AR, and MR. From entertainment to medicine, from real estate to education, AR/VR is at the precipice of enriching every part of our lives. Meet the innovative men and women who will bring your ideas to life at the World AR VR Expo & Conference.


Who should attend WAVE - CXOs, Students, Technology Enthusiasts, Startups, Developers, Investors, Educators, Users, Innovators, Media & Marketing Companies, Gaming Companies, Amusement Parks, Health & Fitness Centres, Game Parlours, Real Estate Companies.

 Whats On @ WAVE 2018:

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