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200W Slim Led Flood Light
Item No.: FG200W14
1. Innovative G-type buckle technology
2. Ultra-thin sleek design, fashionable and classical
3. The third generation of flood light heat sink
4. LUMILEDS 3030 Chips,High CRI,over 120lm/w
5. IP65 Waterproof,5 Years warranty

Product Features:
1.Integrated reflector and entire aluminum lamp cooling structure;
2.Ultra-thin sleek design, fashionable and classical
3.Innovative G-type buckle technology, guard against glass falling off, easy to install;
4.High-brightness SMD LED (luminous flux maintenance factor of 95%), long life, high CRI, pure color;
5.Choose stable performance constant current source (fast start, no flicker, no noise);
6.IP65 Waterproof;
7.Does not contain environmentally harmful mercury pollution, green; Energy saving (power consumption is 80% compared with traditional Spotlights);
8.Long Lifespan (up to 80,000 hours);

LED flood light is widely used in the single building, the historical building exterior lighting, the building inside the light through the lighting, indoor local lighting, green landscape lighting, billboard lighting, medical culture and other facilities lighting, bars, dance halls and other entertainment Lighting and so on.

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April 27, 2018