If Prime Minister and Central government is not able to control corona/omicron/delta virus within 5 to 10 days then I will consider everyone as cowards including Prime Minister's office including Prime Minister as cowards. I am telling this strongly as you are not able to control corona for last 2 years and importing new new variants from other countries to trouble people who are voted and elected you. You guys are absolute shameless creature and deliberately allowing corona wave to grow and spread disease to people who are voted for you in democratic country. Many hospitals, political party members, brokers, pharma companies are earning more illegal money as no hospitals are providing proper bills and you are allowing more terrorists in India to spread corona virus to innocent people who are voted for you. Even though i complained more time more times to your stupid PMO office and you are not taking care. What kind of human beings you are? If Prime Minister or officers in Prime Minister office not able to control corona step down from your position and allow others to take over, Both ruling party and oppositions political parties (BJP, congress and other stupid political parties) joined together by spreading corona disease to innocent people every six month there by looting lot of illegal money from hospitals and in pharma companies. This is a direct violation of law and misusing of power as Minister or Member of Parliament or Member of Assembly state. I hope you took oath while taking jobs as MPs/MLAs/PMs/CMs but you all together violating by spreading disease to innocent people again and again and earning illegal money in various ways. If international flights are banned how come omicron came to India, how come new variants are imported? It is a deliberate attempt by BJP, CONGRESS and other stupid political parties to create more problems to public in the name of corona. Last 2 years child labourers increased and children are not going to schools..You are earning illegal money using corona without having shame like cowards, shameless people not able to control corona for last 2 years.


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