Following illegal incidents happening in Thirunagar Gobichettipalayam Erode district Tamil Nadu - 638452. (near my parents residence). Health care temporary workers who are checking door to door fever/cold/corona check are doing some illegal things in road instead of doing their duty. Every day they are coming to thirunagar/lic/velumani near by area , instead of doing their duty they stop their vehicles infront of house chat & laugh for more than 1 to 2 hours. 1 Male and 2 females are involved in this. Before some days 1 female from that group get bike from the male person, she practiced to learn bike driving in the middle of road in thirunagar gobichettipalayam (Erode district)without proper license. I think they are coming only for fun and do some nonsense things every day in the name of corona survey duty. It cannot be tolerated. Without proper masks, without gloves they touch all front gates of house. You can see these 3 people every day morning/afternoon in thirunagar area , Tamil nady police should take proper action against these 3 people who are behaving illegally in the empty road instead of doing their duty. All Vaccinated people are compelled again and again to take test without symptoms, I am not sure why. But my main concern these 3 people do all other illegal activities like learning bike drive and playing infront of houses instead of doing their duty. In thirunagar Gobichettipalayam, all elder people above 60 are vaccinated completely 2 dose in April 2021 itself. Still these health workers asking elder people who are not able to walk fast to go and take test even after 2 dose vaccination in healthy conditions. Why they trouble unneccessaryily elder people to go out about 3kms to take test even after 2 dose of vaccination. Also they chat before house for longer period of time without having any reason. It is looking strange. One male person walking here and there in road with mobile phone without doing duty as if is he is spying on some other things other than duty. It is looking suspicious to me, Law and order department should take proper action on these temporary worker do their duty and immedialtely leave the place, do not stay unneccessarily for longer time


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