Since TN election commission is very careless, vote for money widely used in Gobichettipalayam Constituency. One of the ADMK members entered into the house with some amount and tried to give and my mother rejected and sent him out and next day on election day the same member sent an auto rickshaw to pick up voters without any request. Finally my mother did not vote and rejected everything. Both AIADMK and DMK parties in Gobichettipalayam constituency were involved in distributing illegal money to maximum number of voters in Gobichettipalayam Constituency tamil nadu. If the election commission is proper, people will elect proper leaders but these kinds of illegal activities are repeated in every election throughout tamilnadu. No one is bold enough to take action against corrupt candidates from AIADMK and DMK parties. These 2 parties are corrupting the whole tamil nadu like anything repeatedly. I am pretty sure God will punish everyone in future for doing these kinds of illegal activities in Tamil Nadu. Even though the election commission knows about these corruption they are not taking any action on these political parties. There is no use in electing leaders by giving money and no need to conduct election Since I am complaining about many things, AIADMK party damaged public roads in Thirunagar Gobichettipalayam ERODE district to re-lay and now road conditions are worst, we are not able to drive vehicles. AIADMK party did this deliberately to create problems to the public in this area specifically for this state election 2021. There is a relation between the above new road lay project which is pending for several months and a lot of public tax payers money were misused by political parties to distribute money for vote to voters. Even Though i complained to the election commission of India portal there is no action taken. I am pretty sure a lot of taxpayers' money were illegally used by these political parties in distributing money for vote. Since the whole election process is repeatedly corrupted, improper leaders are elected, they are not able to resolve public problems like corona... People in India are facing problems like Corona spread, public problems, due to illegal activities done by political parties in India. I know the Election commission process will not take action and let God punish all corrupted people soon.


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