Privacy violation in Tamil Nadu epass site hosted in third party server which is not as per Indian government website rules... why it is not hosted in government server. e-pass is hosted in Amazon web services, - hosted in godaddy server. People uploading documents to private server using this site, why this site not hosted in govt server, Privacy violation. Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data: I found link to in tamil nadu e-pass website, i am not sure what is the link between (chennai company) & tamil nadu government, why third party involved in this?. In 2020, Problems is with Tamil Nadu police department who are also involved in getting more illegal money from e-pass Brokers and agent, i have heard from my parents saying one of their neighbour gave Rs.10000 to get epass for marriage illegal bribery. Everyone talks about whatsapp privacy but our tamilnadu government hosted govt e-pass site in amazon web services, last year people uploaded aadhar, sensitive details. what kind of privacy followed here? #tamilnadu #epass


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