List of lockdowns in Tamil Nadu from last year 2020 to 2021 March 22 2020 to May 31st 2020 (2.5 months) June 15th 2020 to September end 2020 (4 months with banned interstate travel - epass was not given for business travel) April 2021 to till now(More than 2 months) How come business man can run their business if we are working on corona control without proper stragedy? Political party members and leaders are getting more benefits on this as they are not restricted by Police department even during lockdowns. People must realize file petition in Human rights department to push government to resolve corona as early as possible otherwise it will create more problems in future. Educational institutions are closed for more than 16 months in Tamil Nadu, it is going to affect children/future generations of India Government is announcing sudden lockdowns without consulting with people. Before some months political parties like DMK, ADMK, BJP, CONGRESS created a lot of crowds in their election campaign which is the root cause of virus spread all over India. Why did the government allow a huge crowd during the election campaign?. M.K. Stalin current chief Minister of tamil nadu and Edappadi Palnisamy (ex- chief minister of tamil nadu) and their political party members gathered huge crowds in election campaigns before some months which resulted in corona virus spread all over Tamil Nadu and as well as in India. Due to this, the government is imposing a sudden lockdown after the election is over. This is like cheating people after getting votes from People. Why did the election campaign allow a huge crowd before some months? Due to unannounced several lock downs from last year, my business got totally impacted, now i am in the process of closing my company and closing my business due to Political party members/leaders like M.K.Stalin(DMK) and Edappadi palanisamy (ADMK) and they are responsible for my business loss because political parties are root cause for virus spread.They are torturing innocent people like me forcing to close the business. What kind of compensation is given to people like me? Lakhs and lakhs people are impacted due to lockdowns for the last 16 months but the government is not able to reduce corona. Due to political party selfish activities, lakhs and lakhs of people in India are getting impacted, more than 4000 people are dying due to the virus every day. I have also photographed how political party members are gathered as a crowd to spread viruses as evidence and also some of hospitals mixing ordinary patients with corona patients thus resulting in increasing corona counts. There are also a lot of fake corona counts created by labs which need to be investigated. CBI investigation is needed to find out why there is sudden increase in corona and it looks like political party members from DMK, ADMK, BJP, CONGRESS are involved in scam by imposing lockdown but still they are showing high corona counts everyday and all illegal activities are happening during this lock down period. #TamilNadulockdown #TNLockdown #tamilnadu #CoronaSecondWave #coronavirusindia #CoronavirusPandemic #coronavirusindia #CoronavirusLockdown #NarendraModi #MKStalin #EdappadiPalanisamy #admk #dmk #bjp #RSS4Nation #RSSorg #AmithShah #AmitShah #india


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