Due to problem in election commission, India faced several scams from politicians that includes corona scam which is presently ongoing. Due to careless of central government corona spread even to villages. If election is proper then people won't get these kind of leaders any more. To get votes, corona disease spread everywhere in India to even to villages only public are suffering. Without controlling corona fully, government is interested in conducting state election and vaccination rate is very very low comparing to 130 crore population in India. Till now only 1.3 crore people vaccinated but election commission of India and government is more interested in conducting state election accumulating crowd every where this will lead to spread disease very soon and it is going to impact more in India after election. I am pretty sure God will punish who ever is behind in this showing more interest in election during pandemic than vaccinating people. Both government and election commission of India is responsible for deaths due to corona, God will never forgive them because due to improper election,improper leaders are elected and corona from other country passed to our country and it was spread by politicians to nook and corner of India. How come corona entered from China to India ? Why did central government was very careless during last year March 2020 allowing corona infected people to India everywhere? How come corona passed to villages of India and all because of central government of India managed by Mr.Modi I will not tolerate this time, I am ready to escalate this issue to Human rights commission of India complaining about everyone


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